Sunday, February 20, 2005

Recent works from TAB classrooms exhibited at Arnheim Gallery

From Diane Jaquith:
"THE EXHIBIT IS UP!!! Thanks to a fabulous team of Kathy D., Kathy V.,
Lucy, Ellyn, Yoshiko, Carolyn, Carl and myself we got over 300
spectacular works of art up in just... 5 hours!!! Thank you so very
much for sending work and for giving us the courage to pull this off.
Fourteen schools from six states are represented in this show. While
I don't want to give much away, at the center of the exhibit
is the largest artwork ever made by a 5th grader (we think). Kathy D.
is working on a blog that will give you a virtual tour of the
exhibit - either as a preview for those coming to NAEA, or as the
real thing. We are hoping to make a CD of the show for future use.
For locals, the exhibit is in the Arnheim Gallery at Mass College of
Art, South Hall, just two blocks west of the MFA. It's close to the
convention site, three quick stops on the "T" public transportation."

Join us for a look at show preparation and then a virtual tour of over 300 art works. All work was made independently by students in choice-based schools. The images are small but can be viewed in larger format. Click on the image for size choices.


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