Monday, February 21, 2005

Teaching for Artistic Behavior

Choice-Based Art Education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. This concept supports multiple modes of learning and teaching for the diverse needs of students. In the learning environment, resources and opportunities to construct knowledge and meaning in the process of making art are provided. Choice-Based Art Education utilizes multiple forms of assessment to support student and teacher growth.

The Teaching for Artistic Behavior Partnership includes choice-based art programs from around the United States. The concept emerged over 30 years ago in Massachusetts classrooms through the need for more authentic artmaking experiences. Brought together through Massachusetts College of Art, teachers working in isolation discovered others who also held belief in the child as the artist. With the support of MCA, NAEA and The Education Alliance at Brown University, the Teaching for Artistic Behavior Partnership was formed in 2000. The group meets several times each year; online discussions have made it possible for teachers from other states to participate.


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